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community service
content marketing

The client

Studio E’s parent company, LBI Inc., has worked on multiple community partnership campaigns with ExxonMobil, a Fortune 500 company and major economic presence in the Gulf South, with integrated refining and petrochemical facilities that produce gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, aviation fuel, lubricating oils and waxes, resins and more.

commitment to education

To highlight the company’s long-time commitment to education, we produced with Exxon as a sponsoring partner a year-long Baton Rouge bicentennial series that appeared in [225] magazine, Baton Rouge Business Report and inRegister magazine, featuring compelling stories and milestones from the community’s history. We then compiled those into a glossy book that was provided free of charge to public school classrooms as a tool for teaching local community history.

Thought leadership

In Baton Rouge Business Report, a publication with an elite audience of CEOs, community leaders and entrepreneurs, ExxonMobil was positioned as a thought leader in a select roundtable about some of the most critical issues facing the community in 2020 and 2021. Topics included the impact of COVID, quality of life, criminal justice, industry, workforce, technology, an anticipated recession and more. The event and accompanying publication allowed ExxonMobil an opportunity to share its perspective in an informal conversation with community leaders representing a variety of sectors.

Community impact

LBI also partnered with ExxonMobil Baton Rouge to produce and distribute reader-focused content that shared compelling stories of how the company has made a difference in the lives of many through its North Baton Rouge Industrial Training Initiative, its rich history and impact in Louisiana and its global commitment to diverse leadership in its workforce

content marketing

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