Creative Production

Don’t think of Studio E as just another marketing agency. We know the power of stories, and we help grow companies by crafting authentic multimedia content and experiences that intrigue, captivate and inspire people to forge a deep connection with your brand.

content amplification

Creating great content is only half the story. Shaping it to reach your target audience in the right voice on the multitude of channels available today is critical. We can help you reach your customers where they work, engage and play. We use a variety of industry-leading tools to continually analyze and evaluate results to ensure we exceed campaign goals.

audience development

Let’s face it: With as much time as we’re all spending glued to our devices, media is a dominant connection between people and brands. The most progressive companies embrace media as a powerful asset that can accelerate growth. Studio E is about adding real equity to your brand by forging meaningful connections with your audience.

et cetera, et cetera

Need a new website and regular blog content to keep it fresh? We can do that. A social media campaign? We’ve got you covered. Print or digital brochures, annual reports or a company magazine? We’re your partner. A webcast, video or virtual event? Check. Branding? Research? PR? Yes, yes and yes. A whole new brand image? You get the idea. But that’s just the beginning of what we can do for you. Let’s get together first to talk about your goals and what you envision for your company/business future.